What next?

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During its lifetime, the forum has brought together and supported more than 50 people, and helped create a number of business opportunities where members have been able to use each other’s services.

The discussions have been helpful in allowing attendees to share concerns, issues, advice and good ideas on a wide range of business topics.  The notes from these discussions, available to download on the meetings page of this website, provides a growing and valuable content library of business thoughts and advice.

But I am keen to ensure that the format and discussions do not become stale and to explore if there are different ways we can work together to give each other support and help develop local business and the community.

Should we be trying to do more within the group?  Should MBF play more of a role in helping the wider community rather than just looking inward?

With all the skills and energy present I certainly feel there is potential to improve our businesses more and to help each other and our neighbours.

Any thoughts you have would be welcome – they can be sent to me and hopefully you will be will to share them with everyone for wider discussion.

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