Tips for keeping safe online

logo of rocu south east (regional organised crime unit)

Chris White, Police Cyber Security Advisor | Police Cyber Prevent Supervisor at the South East Regional Organised Crime Unit , gave a fascinating, useful and slightly scary talk on the dangers lurking in the online world.

The fact that cyber crime now makes up about half of all crime should remind us of the need to take care online just as we would in real life.

However, Chris pointed out some simple habits to learn to help us keep our businesses and ourselves safe

  • Think before opening emails, or answering messages, from people we don’t know – or ones that look as though they come from people we know but arrive from strange addresses or with suspicious requests
  • Use methods for creating strong passwords such as THREERANDOMWORDS
  • Change default names and passwords on all connected devices – this includes “smart” devices in our home such as routers and security cameras
  • Keep all devices up to date with the latest software and security updates

You can find more about these points and many other tips and useful information by downloading the document on the MBF meetings page

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