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Photo of calendar highlighting Wednesday 4th March 2015UPDATE 27 Feb : Gary Kendall is now unfortunately away on business so we will instead have a discussion on “Common Mistakes that Business Owners Make – and How to Avoid Them” and Gary will talk at our May meeting

Our next MBF meeting is going to be on Wednesday 4th March – the first time ever that it has not been held on a Tuesday.  We hope that a number of you who are not able to make meetings on Tuesdays will be to come this time.

Although the results of our survey on the best days and times for MBF meetings did not reveal an overwhelming alternative to Tuesdays, Wednesdays turned out to be the best option to try, with nearly 70% of those who replied either preferring it or at least moderately content.  If it does turn out to be popular, then we will aim to have a few more meetings on Wednesdays, though since the survey demonstrated that Tuesday was the most popular day, we will still retain Tuesday for the majority of meetings.

Although it is short notice to move the very next meeting, it so happens that Gary Kendall, who had agreed to talk to us in March, could no longer make Tuesday 3rd,  but happily can make Wednesday 4th.  Gary, who develops technology for determining the risk and pricing of bank transactions, will be talking on “Bank misconduct and the impact on SMEs“.  This should be very interesting and may provide us with additional incentives to grill our parliamentary candidates on how they would plan to manage the banks after the general election in order to protect small businesses.

Thanks to everyone who completed the survey on dates and times for MBF meetings.  You can click/tap here to see the full results


Also thanks to Gill Weavers of PA for the day for calendar from which the photo was taken.

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