Thank You to MBF

Thank you for allowing me to come along to your meeting on 1st March. The mix, format and upbeat enthusiasm was tremendous. Is it always like that? If so I’d be very happy to be considered as a member and attend each month.

I live in Heathfield, and have several connections with organisations there, which is why I came along to the last meeting. I stumbled upon MBF and the Mayfield Business Group by way of a professional network called ‘Linked In’.

As soon as I looked at this sites web pages I knew that this was the way forward with several groups and aspects of the Heathfield heirachy. I am a recent member of Heathfield Chamber of Commerce, (2 years) and this year it has been mooted that Heathfield ought to have an Exhibition.

If you look at what I do, I won’t bore you with the details here, however  your site has given me the ‘mortar to cement the bricks’ between these groups. Coupled with an offer of co-operation from MBF, I’m spurred on to create – if possible a Wealden Business Expo, to take place on;

Tuesday October 11th at the Kings Church (State Hall) Station Road, Heathfield.

The timing is right, the components have, and are, coming together.

As with any group you will find movers and shakers, and some that just need a well earned rest, because they were movers and shakers once! I’m looking to gradually build on this project over the next 8 months, culminating in an ‘Expo’ that is a ‘show case’ not for any one town, but for Wealden, as it comprises of several towns that are ‘all in the same boat’ for want of a better expression.

Heathfield has ‘Le Marche’ on the August Bank Holiday – it is an excellent example of focusing a project. With over 10,000 people in Heathfield on that day each year. And for the previous 3 years I re-instated the Heathfield Carnival, with a little help from my friends, (yes I’m blowing my own trumpet now..).

With around 6,00 people last year, and 7 – 8000 the year before. It takes a lot of organisation to do these things, the personal reward is fabulous – I must admit. But I do it because I live in a community – not a dormitory…

Is the Carnival  running this year? I hear you ask, well sadly we can’t get the man power – and nobody wants to take up the baton and run with it…

So undaunted I look to do what I like to do, and with several other organisations participating I hope to have an exhibition in Heathfield – not just for the town, but for all…

That’s why it will be called ‘Wealden Business Expo’… The foundation stones have been laid, the web space and domain set on one of my servers, and the scaffolding is going up..

Hope to see you there and before… In the meantime thank you all again for a very good evening, keep it up – it’s perfect..

Graeme Hird

Wealden Business Network


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