Tax saving tips

A big thank you to Ray Reeve (Add Value Accountants), Gavin Ross (Ross Management Accountancy) and Chris Lilly (management and business guru) for preparing material which was discussed at our meeting on 4 November.

A whole range of tax-efficient measures were discussed ranging from the simplest (such as making sure you note all your expenses) to the more complex (e.g. Patent Box).  There were lots of points worth considering for the majority of those attending – and for those who could not make it.

The notes that Ray, Chris and Gavin prepared can be downloaded here.

As the first page points out, these are guidelines and you should seek proper financial advice if you want to make sure how particular regulations apply in your situation.  Luckily MBF includes 3 accountants and one wealth advisor among our members for you to choose from if needed.

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