Second training course – 21st Century Sales & Marketing

Mayfield Business Forum is running the second of its business training courses on Thursday 25th November 2010 from 6pm to 7.30pm. It will be held in London House in Mayfield High Street, East Sussex.

The courses are aimed at helping small businesses, sole traders and those working from home in and around Mayfield. They address some of the key issues faced and provide guidelines and advice for improvement. The speakers talk from their own extensive personal experience.

“21st Century Sales and Marketing” looks at some of the latest sales and marketing tools, based on internet software and mobile phones, and examines the benefits they bring to different types of business : those targeting a local market, those with a national or even international audience, service businesses and retail. It also examines how the new tools and techniques can be integrated with tried and tested existing procedures to find new prospects, convert them to customers and then retain and grow the business they bring. The course will enable attendees to understand the major new tools that are available, to find out which ones are relevant to their business and to determine the steps to take to use them in improving their sales and marketing.

The course will be led by Roger Stone and Ian Parker. Roger has 25 years marketing experience with both large and small enterprises. He has particular expertise in strategic marketing, product marketing, and online sales & marketing and has run his own marketing consultancy for the last eight years. Ian has worked in the business finance sector for over 12 years, owning and running a brokerage for the last 7. In that time he has built and run several sales teams for his own company and other businesses. He deals with many different sized companies including several FTSE listed businesses.

If you would like to attend the course, please email Roger Stone. Admission is £10 which covers the cost of the course, handouts and light refreshments.

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