Next Generation Broadband

Mayfield may have been unsuccessful in BT’s “Race to Infinity” competition to find five exchanges to prioritise for installation of faster broadband, but there are other opportunities to make our needs known and find ways to improve internet connectivity as soon as possible. Faster internet connections would give Mayfield and surrounding areas the abillity to work more efficiently, to learn more easily, and to enjoy better communication and entertainment.

Those of us who have broadband, and we must not forget those furthest from exchanges who still do not, may feel that, when the connection is working well, current speeds are adequate. But today’s speeds, which only a few years ago seemed fantastic, will in a few years be a real bottleneck in taking advantage of new information and ways of working and learning, as more and more videos are used for information, marketing and entertainment and as more and more software and information is stored online rather than on our computers.

Wealden are running a survey to find out demand for better broadband and I would encourage you to click on to take part and make your needs known. It only takes five minutes to complete.

Also Tony Slack of The Crowborough Partnership is collecting details of current connnection speeds to help us understand the current situation. It only takes two minutes to use to check your speed and then you can use the “Copy Direct Link” button to paste a link to your results into an email to Tony (with your postcode in the subject line please). If you are in the TN20 area, I would also be interested to be copied on the results. Please send the results as soon as you do the test, so we can see what time of day it was done – between 11am and 3pm is ideal to judge responsiveness during most of the working day.

Rural areas need to fight to have equal opportunities with urban centres for education, work and leisure. Faster broadband is one key way to bring us up to parity so I would urge you to spend just a few minutes doing the survey and the test. Your input will be very valuable.

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