New year resolutions and plans

Image of new year's resolutions based on list of previous years


Have you made a resolution for 2012?  If so, are you managing to keep it?

The problem with resolutions is that they are often wishes or dreams that are not backed up by plans to achieve them.

It is hard to change habits or make significant progress so you need to make it easy for yourself along the way.  Here are some ideas to make it easier:


  • Tell someone else (or even lots of people) about your goals.  Good friends and helpful colleagues (even bosses) will encourage and give you help along the way.  If you cannot find anyone you want to tell, at least write it down.  We are more committed to goals when they are written down or when others know about them
  • Imagine how you will feel if you achieve your goals and paint a rich picture of it in your imagination that you can bring to mind when the going gets tough
  • Split the task down into manageable chunks, keep resolutions a day at a time and let the results just keep mounting up.
  • Remind yourself of the resolutions e.g. pin them next to the bathroom mirror together with a strong reminder of WHY you want to achieve them
  • Give yourself a reward for each step on the way to success – the reward could be as simple as being able to tell other people of your progress
  • Work out where you are mostly likely to fail and make special efforts to overcome these situations – tackle the most difficult tasks when you are freshest or feeling best, ask for help from others or even avoid difficult situations

Wishing you success in your 2012 plans and resolutions – good luck or rather good planning.

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