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Picture of older man mentoring a younger oneMBF offers a free mentoring service to local businesses in Mayfield,Fives Ashes throughout the Wealden district.

It allows those running existing businesses or planning new ones to gain valuable advice on setting and achieving their goals.

This free, confidential service involves a business mentor working with you to understand
• where you are as a business now
• the current business issues
• where you want to get to in the next 3-5 years
and then to develop an action plan to achieve these goals. The process is face to face and takes typically 2 hours with a follow up report.   We ensure that you are comfortable talking to your chosen mentor.

In addition, automatic reminders are set up to assist the mentee to complete key tasks. A review meeting after an agreed period assesses the progress and looks at any changes in course that are necessary.

Passing on experience

Woman mentoring a manMBF includes a number of “wise old owls”, businessmen who have had significant success in business as well as having learnt from mistakes made along the way. They are keen to encourage and help other businesses and willing to give time to act as mentors.

The mentors have in-depth experience in all sizes of business and across most business sectors. They work by asking questions, and challenging approaches, whilst providing guidance and encouragement. This helps the mentee to develop the most appropriate solutions so as to achieve the desired goals.


Young woman being mentored by a manAll discussions between the mentor and mentee are completely confidential.
The mentee remains in full control and has the final responsibility for all actions taken as a result of mentoring.


Other mentoring services involve working with the business over a period of time. The first steps are the same as for the free service but in addition involves regular inter-action to monitor progress, and also to provide valuable insights and advice to address the bumps in the road that most businesses experience when they are growing.


If you are interested in finding out more about MBF mentoring, please email Roger Stone or leave a message on 01892 710707