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2013 discussion topics – Cash Basis Accounting

Hello all, Although I did attend a couple of MBF meetings, for the most part I have been a quiet observer in this group. I would like to suggest a discussion topic for 2013, or at least provide some “food for thoughts”. I think that some of you might be interested, and I would love …

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The 12 Frauds of Christmas

On a sober note for this festive season remember that despite, or even because, it is nearly Christmas we need to stay alert to protect our personal information and money. Frauds are taking new forms, such as phoney e-cards that contain viruses or threats to financial transactions carried out on mobile phones. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau …

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Innovation for all

The September meeting of the MBF discussed the topic of innovation in businesses and in our working life.  Innovation is not just the development and introduction of new products and services, the R&D function, that we most often think of when innovation is mentioned.  True innovation is finding new ways of doing any and every …

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The power of LinkedIn

Thank you to the thirteen people who turned up to our July meeting for the discussion on “How to promote your business”. After a few early technical hitches with the projector we were able to use an online connection to have a look at how to use LinkedIn. This proved to be so popular and …

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Promotion from print to SoLoMo

Image of mobile phone on top of map

SoLoMo is a horrible new acronym, but we will probably become used to it as we have with many new terms considered ugly to begin with.  It stands for SOcial LOcal MObile and highlights three areas of marketing that are becoming more and more important. Social media has been in the spotlight for a while …

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New year resolutions and plans

Image of new year's resolutions based on list of previous years

  Have you made a resolution for 2012?  If so, are you managing to keep it? The problem with resolutions is that they are often wishes or dreams that are not backed up by plans to achieve them. It is hard to change habits or make significant progress so you need to make it easy …

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Attracting customers with video, images and sound + plans for 2012

You will know from your own experience how a message comes across much more strongly if it is embedded in a video or illustrated by images or even spoken, rather than just being written down on paper or put in words on a website or Powerpoint slide. Nowadays, it is becoming more and more affordable …

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How to get your articles in the press

On Tuesday 1st November 2011 Julie Rae (of Toys to You) gave a great talk on PR, using her experience as a journalist and working in marketing to give very useful tips and insights. She gave lots of interesting tips – the format for a press release, avoiding technical jargon, organising photocalls, how to become …

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Royal Mail delivery and NatWest opening times in Mayfield

Delivery times from the Royal Mail just seem to be becoming later and later.  At the same time, the NatWest bank, the only bank in the village, has reduced its opening times and now closes at 2.30pm.  The result is that letters containing cheques from customers arrive at small businesses too late to be paid …

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Preparing for the business impact of the Olympics

The London 2012 Olympics will have a bigger impact than we might expect on our business life and we need to plan for the disruption they will cause as well as look for the opportunities the event can bring. It will grab the attention of millions of people who are normally only marginally interested in …

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