Business mistakes not to make

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There were plenty of heartfelt tales at the March 2015 Mayfield Business Forum meeting as we discussed business mistakes and how to avoid them.  People talked of those whom they had trusted and who had let them down, of customers who had convincing excuses for not paying resulting in large debts that had to be written off, of becoming too involved with developing the product and not enough in selling it, of relying too much on one partner, supplier or customer, of not checking how big the market was before starting a business and of so-called friends who took advantage.



The positive side of this was how much we had learned individually and so how much we were able to pass on and share in the hope that our colleagues would not make the same errors.  It is one of the real values of MBF how much we can support each other.

The results of all our sharing and other research is a document to download with details of many (currently 43)  Business Mistakes not to make.  We hope that you will learn from it too.

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