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Setting Realistic Objectives

The start of each year is a great time to set objectives (and many would say it is an essential time to do this). So the first MBF meeting of 2011 looked at how to set objectives and how to make them realistic. Chris Lilly had prepared a Setting Realistic Objectives – MBF meeting 04.01.11 …

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Training course feedback

A group of MBF members, who provide consultancy to companies on a paid basis, decided to organise training sessions for MBF members and other Mayfield companies. The aim was to provide advice that would help local businesses thrive and grow. It is not a money making venture – we prepare our slides for free and …

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Making the most of our time

Chart showing the 4 quadrants of time management

In the November 2010 meeting the main discussion topic was “Making the Most of our Time” with everyone sharing the problems they had in managing their time and providing tips for ways to improve. There were four main time management problems identified that we all experience lack of clear goals, which makes it difficult to …

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Venture Navigator

Venture Navigator is a new online service, funded by the government, to help start ups and small businesses. It provides three main services : Assessments of key aspects of business plans ; resources – business information targeted to help based on the results of the assessment ; and an online community where owners and entrepreneurs …

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Business Scam

Here is a report from a business in Crowborough on a scam that is affecting local businesses. It reminds us all to be aware of what information we provide to cold callers: “I thought that you might like to make members of the Local Business Network aware of a suspected telephone scam which has been …

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Second training course – 21st Century Sales & Marketing

Mayfield Business Forum is running the second of its business training courses on Thursday 25th November 2010 from 6pm to 7.30pm. It will be held in London House in Mayfield High Street, East Sussex. The courses are aimed at helping small businesses, sole traders and those working from home in and around Mayfield. They address …

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Attracting Visitors to your Website

The September 2010 meeting was a great success with 16 attendees, a great presentation by Julie Rae of and lively discussion around the subject of how to draw people to your webite. Julie spoke about SEO, search engine optimisation, which means how to set up your website so that when people search the internet, …

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New website

Well, it is finally here – the new website. The old one had good information on it but proved too inflexible for editing and formatting. I hope you like the new one with its cleaner interface. It also has a much clearer website address which makes it easier to find. There is still some work …

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