Wealden Expo – Thank you for your Support

Well! What a day! Wealden Business Expo was a sell out! And the whole day was buzzing from start to finish… So thank you MBG for coming along – particularly, Chris, Gerry, Ian, and anyone I’ve missed, I hope you got some measure out of it, particularly the advice sessions. It’s taken me this long, two days, to catch up with the flow. The statistics that are unwrapping are interesting and throwing light onto areas we’d not considered, like, using the upper rooms for a mini market of stalls suitable for goods displayed indoors, more workshops, more B2B and perhaps open on a Saturday.. The idea of throwing it open to the public for free was well received – one stand holder said he’d not come if it had been purely B2B and just advertised as Heathfield rather than Wealden – so we got that right!

I’m working through the information, but several of the websites as well as the Expo site are run on my servers, so I’ve started looking at visits and other stats… The Ceewhy Vancouver site got 300 views, in the 24 hour period covering the Expo… up over 6 fold… If the rest show a similar trend then I believe we have something… I’ve also thrown open the Expo site for comment from the home page,¬† and provoked the reader with the text, so perhaps we’ll get more feedback from this…

I’ve got to go back and see what we’ve got in the way of bills and money, I think we’re going to make a loss by a few hundred.. Mainly because the seminar rooms time slots had been pre-booked, but circumstances out of our control¬† led to a significant number of slots not being filled as we’d first thought. Never the less we were supported by both Co-op and Sainsburys – I kept them apart! I didn’t want any ‘Ice Cream Turf’ wars on that front to contend with… Had anything been made it was for the Heathfield Chamber of commerce to help promote business locally…

I end with those infamous words of Arnie – ‘I’ll be Back’,¬† to see you all once this calms down.. Again Thank You – for your professional and ‘can do’ approach to help others particularly in these times.



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