Training courses

Mayfield Business Forum is pleased to announce a series of training courses designed to help local businesses

Thurs 7th Oct     “Profit in a Double Dip Recession”

Thurs 25th Nov    “21st Century Sales & Marketing”

Thurs 27th Jan    “Using the internet to maximise profits”

Courses will be held in London House from 6pm-7:30pm
Admission charge £10 to cover admission, handouts, tea, coffee & biscuits.
For further information contact Roger Stone, (email roger [AT] rogerstoneconsultancy [DOT] com , mobile 07776 144056)


  1. Hi Roger – who will be giving the talk on profit in a double dip recession?

    Hope you are well – sorry but can’t make it this evening.

    All the best

  2. Silly of me, I replied offline rather than here. But for anyone else who wants to know the answer, Chris Lilly gave the first presentation and myself and Ian Parker should be doing a double act for the next training on November 25th on “21st Century Sales and Marketing”

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