The power of LinkedIn

Thank you to the thirteen people who turned up to our July meeting for the discussion on “How to promote your business”. After a few early technical hitches with the projector we were able to use an online connection to have a look at how to use LinkedIn.

This proved to be so popular and raised so many questions, that we spent the whole evening on just this element of the topic.

We were fortunate to have some members who use LinkedIn extensively, and have had success in gaining jobs and work from their use, as well as those who had only dabbled with it or not used it at all. So there were lots of very useful exchanges of experience from which everyone gained.

My notes of the meeting are now available to download here. I would welcome any comments from other participants about anything I have left out or mis-reported. Those who were not able to make it are also welcome to let me know their experience and I will include them.

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