Tenders, proposals and contracts

It may not sound like the most exciting topic for a discussion.  But we covered subjects that are vital for many businesses in our March 2016 meeting:

  • completing a tender and making your offer as compelling as possible is mandatory for winning business in most cases in the public and third sectors.  It is also often used in for major private sector projects
  • producing a proposal that sets out how you can address the client’s needs and reduce their pain points is often key to winning new customers.  The proposal gives you the opportunity to showcase your experience and credentials
  • setting out clearly in a contract the undertakings of both parties can avoid many potential problems.  For example, clarifying payment terms strengthens your hand in obtaining prompt payment.  Also specifying the deliverables should stop misunderstandings.

Our thanks go especially to Chris Lilly whose considerable experience gave everyone many useful tips and pointers.

Go to the meetings page if you would like to download documents with notes on preparing tenders and proposals and some guidelines on contracts.

Please note that for legal advice you should contact a quailified professional.


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