Promotion from print to SoLoMo

Image of mobile phone on top of mapSoLoMo is a horrible new acronym, but we will probably become used to it as we have with many new terms considered ugly to begin with.  It stands for SOcial LOcal MObile and highlights three areas of marketing that are becoming more and more important.

Social media has been in the spotlight for a while now and its use for business was discussed at the Mayfield Business Forum (MBF) meeting in May – click here to see and/or download some short notes from the discussion.  It is an important tool for small businesses and individual workers but you need to be disciplined to use it wisely, concentrating on using one or two platforms well and consistently.

Local marketing has always been vital to nearly all small businesses but now online is starting to catch up with traditional offline marketing (e.g printed leaflets) in its ability to target ads to specific geographic areas.  Increasing use of mobile further enhances this capability.  Intelligent use of the growing ability to target means that small businesses can maximise the use of their online budgets.

Mobile is the area where things are changing fastest and many people have not yet woken up to how they need to change their marketing very soon, if not immediately.  Since 53% of UK mobile users have fast 3G connections and this figure grew 25% in the last year (source: Informa WCIS+ quoted in KPCB Internet Trends 2012 presentation by Mary Meeker), more and more people are using mobiles to find information and communicate via the mobile web and apps.  Businesses need to work out how to attract consumers and business customers with information and offers tailored to mobile phone access and display.

The July meeting of MBF will look at all types of promotion from traditional print to the new SoLoMo areas to see ways that we can use the best of the new and old methods to promote our own businesses.  We will also have demonstrations of using some of the online and mobile platforms, including the buliding of LinkedIn profiles which has been postponed from our June meeting.

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