Practical planning

MBF Orbit planning and Action List examples and templates
See below to download tools for your own practical planning


At our meeting on 7th January 2014 we went through two planning exercises to help us create and refine
           – clear and precise goals
           – realistic and thought out action plans to achieve these goals


The first exercise was to set out our vision for our work/company and decide on the key factors (e.g. Revenue, Costs, Number of Customers, New Products/Services, New Skills ) that would allow us to attain this vision.  Goals for each factor for each of the next few years were set and the results shown on an orbit diagram which displayed them in a visual and impactful way.


Then the second exercise was to create an action list and specify details necessary to make it each action “SMART” (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Resourced and Timely).  For this we used an action list template with columns to indicate details such who will do the work, when they will find time to do it and how often progress will be reviewed.

Click here to download a pdf with Orbit diagram and action list examples plus blank sheets to print and fill out for your own plans

Or click here if you prefer an Excel spreadsheet into which you can enter your values directly

Three very useful tips came out of the meeting:

  1. Keep a set of goals and actions somewhere where you will look at them on a regular basis.  That way you will constantly be reminded of them and are much more likely to achieve them
  2. Review them on a  regular basis – put them in a place where you will constantly see them and be reminded of your overall goals.  You can even hold a “board” meeting every month as if you were a big company and having to report to a board of directors.  This will force you to summarise what you have achieved, any corrective actions to take and what needs to be done next.
  3. Find a buddy which whom you can share plans – encourage them with their plans and be encouraged by them.  Having told someone else about our plans is a great spur to achieve them.

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