At the January 2011 meeting of the MBF we discussed how sharing your business objectives can encourage you to keep them – and can be used by others to encourage you along the way. A recent article in the New York Times, republished here in China Daily emphasises the same point.

This page is the first effort to allow MBF members who wish to share their objectives online to do so.

Roger Stone’s 2011 Objectives

As the person who suggested the sharing, I am happy to go first

Objective for MBF – By the end of 2011 have 50 people active in MBF, which means that they have contributed online or taken part in meetings during the last three months of 2011.
To meet this objective, I will
– enhance the MBF website to make it a valuable forum for discussion and sharing ideas by June 2011
– organise and promote the meetings at least 2 months in advance
– regularly ask what members want and what they think of the activities

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