September meeting

Now that the summer is nearly over (some would say definitely over judging by the weather), it is high time for an update on MBF news and activities.

Firstly, the next meeting is on Tuesday 7th September.  As usual it will be in the Rose & Crown from 6pm to 7.30pm (with some attendees no doubt taking the opportunity to staya and chat further afterwards).  Julie Rae is leading the evening’s discussion topic “Attracting Visitors to your Website”.  She will be sharing some of her experience and the expertise gained in promoting her website ( so that it ranks highly in Google on key search terms.

The new website,, is under construction at the moment and will be ready, barring unforeseen circumstances, in time for the next meeting.  With an improved structure and tools to manage it (plus advice gleaned from Julie at the meeting), it will be a better tool to promote your businesses, so anyone who has not given me their business details or who has changed them, please send them to me now – up to 100 words, a link to your own website & any other online presence, your contact details and a photo.

We have also decided to run a series of training courses over the autumn and winter.  Our discussions often throw up very interesting ideas, but we do not have the time to put the ideas in order or work out how to implement several of them.  The training courses will cover their subjects in a structured way, giving participants a planned approach and handouts to take away to help them put the ideas into practice.  Each course will cost a nominal £10 to cover the cost of organisation, tea & coffee and handouts.  The first one is titled  “Profit in a Double Dip Recession” led by Chris Lilly on Thursday 7th October and will cover key advice on doing business in an economic climate that may get worse.   We hope to attract other businesses from Mayfield and from the surrounding area.

I have been in touch with Tony Slack, who runs The Crowborough Partnership which has over 400 businesses on its mailing list within 7 miles of Crowborough.  We have agreed to swap information on activities and I will check at our meeting what you might be interested in receiving.  But in the meantime, if anyone is keen to do business with companies in Crowborough and surrounds, please contact me.  For example, they run a business breakfast each month and the next one is also on Tuesday 7th September at 7.30am and should attract about 20 people, mostly retailers.

Finally, the power of MBF networking is revealed in the fact that six members are planning to combine to form Mayfield Business Group (an inspired name!).  Chris, Jerry, Ian, Julie C, Andrew W and myself can offer business support and consultancy across the whole of a business’ activities and believe we have a unique blend of experience and ability to offer hands on advice to organisations in the South East.  I wanted you to hear first of MBG, because of the similar name – and because it has grown out of MBF meetings.

Looking forward to seeing many of you on Thursday 7th and please contact me if you have any questions or suggestions.

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