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NEXT MEETING: Wednesday 3rd May at 7pm: “Opportunities and problems raised by the Wealden Local Plan for our businesses and the community” – discussion with presentation of key elements of the plan

Meetings of the Mayfield Business Forum

We welcome anyone to our meetings who is interested in discussing business topics and/or subjects of interest to those working locally. MBF meetings are currently held in the Rose & Crown pub, Fletching Street, Mayfield, East Sussex, TN20 6TE from 7pm to 8:30pm on the first Wednesday of the month.

However, we will be reviewing this at the May meeting to see if members would prefer to move back either to the previous time of 6pm or back to Tuesdays (or both). If you cannot make the meeting, please email Roger Stone or Chris Lilly to let them know your views.

In 2017 we are particularly looking at how to involve both retailers in Mayfield and those who work from home as well as in small businesses. For example our May meeting will look at the impact of the Wealden Local Plan on employment, business space, tourism and training which will affect us all, whether we work in offices, workshops, the High Street or from our houses.

Wednesday 3rd May at 7pm: Discussion on “Opportunities and problems raised by the Wealden Local Plan for our businesses and the community”
Wednesday 7th June at 7pm: Informal networking
Wednesday 5th July at 7pm: Discusssion: “How to keep up to date” (TBC)


Click on any links shown for presentation material and/or notes of discussions:
Wednesday 5th April at 7pm: Informal networking
Wednesday 1st March at 7pm: “Bookkeeping” presentation by Alex Burnett. Notes will be available shortly
Wednesday 1st February 2017:  informal networking
Tuesday 10th January 2017: Discussion meeting “Development Plans for Wealden and How this will affect Businesses and our Community
Tuesday 6th December 2016 – Christmas drinks and meal
Tuesday 1st November 2016 : informal networking
Tuesday 4th October 2016 : informal networking
Tuesday 6th September 2016 : discussion meeting topic “Making Your Business Successful Pre and Post Brexit”
Tuesday 2nd August 2016: informal networking
Tuesday 5th July 2016: social meeting – a walk round local footpaths including some not shown on the maps
Tuesday 7th June2016: informal networking
Tuesday 3rd May 2016: discussion meeting, “EU: In or Out”.  There is a section of the website that contains useful facts to inform your decision and we will continue to update this up to the time of the referendum
Wednesday 6th April 2016: informal networking
Wednesday 2nd March 2016 – “”Tenders, Proposals and Contracts”. You can download Business Proposals – Final as well as Commercial Contracts skeleton
Tuesday 2nd February 2016 – Informal networking
Tuesday 5th January 2016 – “Farewell 2015, Welcome 2016” a presentation on trends in 2016
Wednesday 9th December 2015- Christmas drinks and meal
Wednesday 4th November 2015 – Discussion meeting: “Pensions” with presentation by Clyde Young.  Fact sheets and a link to more information are available in the blog post here
Tuesday 6th October 2015 – Discussion meeting: “The Impact of Mobile Devices on Your Business”
Tuesday 1st September 2015 – Informal networking
Tuesday 4th August – informal networking
Tuesday 7th July 2015 – “Commercial Property” – a talk by Angela Rowe, partner specialising in commercial property at Warners solicitors. Click or tap here to download bullet points from her presentation
Tuesday 2nd June 2015 – informal networking
Tuesday 5th May 2015 – “Bank Misconduct and the impact on SMEs” – a talk by Gary Kendall.  See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OAWDGoRdWGA for a flavour of this talk
Tuesday 7th April – informal networking
Wednesday 4th March 2015 – Common Errors that Business Owners Make – and how to Avoid Them
Tuesday 3rd February 2015 – informal networking
Tuesday 6th January 2015 – The 7 Habits of Effective Mayfield Business People
Tuesday 2nd December 2014 – Christmas drinks and meal
Tuesday 4th November 2014 – How to minimise tax – business and personal
Tuesday 7th October 2014 – informal networking
Tuesday 2nd September 2014 – Andrew Burnett on building his business in the High Street
Tuesday 5th August 2014 – informal networking
Tuesday 1st July 2014 – “Making your website visible and popular” including details of Pageless Design Websites
Tuesday 3rd June 2014 – informal networking
Tuesday 6th May 2014 – 5 minute networking
Tuesday 1st April 2014 – Informal networking
Tuesday 4th March 2014 – Discussion on “The Future of Mayfield Business and Commerce”
Tuesday 4th February 2014 – Informal networking
Tuesday 7th January 2014 – discussion on “Practical planning”
Tuesday 3rd December 2013 – Christmas drinks and meal
Tuesday 5th November 2013 – discussion topic “Time Management
Tuesday 1st October 2013 – informal networking & discussion evening
Tuesday 3rd September 2013 – discussion topic “Networking
Tuesday 6th August 2013 – informal networking & discussion evening
Tuesday 2nd July 2013 – discussion topic “Staying Safe Online – Risks and Tips
Tuesday 4th June 2013 – informal networking & discussion evening
Tuesday 7th May 2013 – “Finding and Winning New Customers
Tuesday 2nd April 2013 – informal networking and discussion evening
Tuesday 5th March 2013 – “Customer Retention & Development
Tuesday 5th February 2013 – Informal discussion meeting
Tuesday 8th January 2013 – “Plans for 2013
Tuesday 4th December 2012 – Christmas drinks and meal
Tuesday 6th November 2012 – discussion on “Motivation for small businesses and those working on their own
Tuesday 2nd October 2012 – Informal discussion meeting
Tuesday 4th September 2012 – “Keeping your business fresh by innovating” – click for handouts on ways to innovate and how well positioned your company is for innovation.
Tuesday 7th August 2012 – informal discussion meeting
Tuesday 3rd July 2012 -“How to promote your business” which was scheduled to look at both traditional and online methods but spent all its time discussing and demonstrating how to use LinkedIn to promote your business
Tuesday 12th June 2012 – informal networking meeting
Tuesday 1st May 2012 – Social media for those with limited time and money
Tuesday 3rd April 2012- informal discussion meeting
Tuesday 6th March 2012- Presentation by Martin Searle of the Federation for Small Business (FSB)
Tuesday 7th February 2012 – informal discussion meeting
Tuesday 3rd January 2012 – Business Quiz
Tuesday 6th December 2011 – Christmas drinks and meal enjoyed by 28 members and partners
Tuesday 1st November 2011 – How to do your own PR by Julie Rae
Tuesday 4th October 2011 – informal networking
Tuesday 6th September 2011 – Advertising 2011 – what works and what doesn’t
Tuesday 2nd August 2011 – informal networking
Tuesday 5th July 2011 – Organising our Admin
Tuesday 7th June 2011 – informal networking
Tuesday 3rd May 2011 – Retirement Planning for Business Owners
Tuesday 5th April 2011 – informal networking
1st March 2011 – Introduction to e-commerce
1st February 2011 – informal discussions
4th January 2011 – Setting Realistic Objectives
7th December 2010 – Christmas drinks with partners
2nd November 2010 – Making the Most of our Time
7th September 2010 – Attracting Visitors to your Website
6th July 2010 – Cash Management
1st June 2010 – Informal networking
4th May 2010 – Goal Setting
6th April 2010 – Informal Networking
2nd March 2010 – Elevator Pitches
5th January 2010 – Cold Calling and Networking
3rd November 2009 – Pricing
1st September 2009 – Cost effective business
30th June 2009 – Acquiring new customers
5th May 2009 – Informal networking
12th March 2009 – Inaugural meeting


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