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Your organisation can benefit from using external expertise in many different situations, from making strategic decisions to running key projects. Mayfield Business Group (MBG) harnesses experience gained from dealing with similar situations in many organizations in order to help develop business strategy, analyse the need for major changes objectively and implement plans. We work cross-functionally as well as helping specific departments in areas such as improving cashflow, increasing sales, finding customers, improving productivity and resolving manufacturing issues. Resources can be provided to implement projects or fill management gaps quickly and without long-term commitments

MBG has partners and senior consultants with in-depth experience across all functions, providing business advice, support and mentoring. The company is based in Sussex but works across Kent, the wider South East of England as well as internationally. We focus on SMEs (small businesses and medium-size organisations) and can provide services in all business areas including:

  • Strategy:business strategy, vision, mission, goals, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), planning for growth, restructuring, developing differentiators and USPs (Unique Selling Propositions),
  • Sales:sales strategy, increasing revenues, strategic sales management, negotiation, finding customers, closing deals, cold calling, account management and development, business development, developing sales partners, international sales development
  • Marketing:marketing strategy, forecasting, market research, competitor analysis, competitive advantage, customer analysis, market positioning, pricing strategy, customer analysis, marketing communications, PR, promotion, web marketing, web design, social media, copywriting, advertising, direct mail, mobile communications, exhibitions, seminars
  • Finance:funding, raising finance, managing growth, accounting, improving cashflow, cost control, credit control, collections, credit management, debtor issues, stock control, management reporting, budgeting, taxation, insurance, leasing, purchasing, exporting, importing
  • R&D:defining new products and services, new product development, intellectual property
  • Services:installation, customer care, support, repairs, services, consultancy
  • Human resources:mentoring, management development, staff development, staff retention, training and workshops, recruitment, remuneration, health & safety, resolving staff issues
  • General management:executive interim management, improving productivity, change management, improving company performance, increasing profit, quality (including ISO 9001:2000), Business Excellence Model EFQM, project management (e.g. PRINCE 2 methodology), operations, manufacturing, distribution, supply chain management, outsourcing
  • Legal advice: MBG works with Warners Solicitors and recommends them for commercial and private legal services

MBG can help you start your business, grow it or put it on a stronger footing by developing strategies, implementing plans and filling resource gaps – please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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