Mayfield Broadband

Over the next five years BT is rolling out superfast fibre optic broadband across the UK. Mayfield is not on the announced roll out plan but ‘The Race to Infinity’ gives us the opportunity to fast track our area to get BT Infinity next.

The five areas with the largest percentage of votes by December 31st 2010 will win the chance to bring superfast broadband to their area. BT will also donate £5,000 of computer equipment to a local community project.

According to BT figures there are 1,272 lines within the Mayfield exchange, so hopefully it shouldn’t be too hard to get a good percentage of users to vote.

It goes without saying that this would be of huge benefit to those who continue to suffer from existing slow speeds and all our local businesses whose livelihood depends on a fast reliable broadband connection.

To vote simply go to and enter your details. Don’t forget to pass this information on to your friends on Facebook and Twitter and hopefully between us we can get Mayfield moving.


  1. I’ve signed up, which now according to the BT means we have 3 votes!! – only 1,269 to go!

  2. We have 46 votes as at 9th November – still a long way to go. Please sign up and get everyone you know to do the same.

    Winning would, apart from getting us the latest high speed broadband, enable a local project eg school, church, club etc to have £5,000 of IT kit.

    There is no commitment in signing up and it takes hardly any time!

  3. We are now up to 87 votes so the momentum is building. If everyone can encourage at least 5 other people in the village (or even better, the different local societies to which they belong) then we can really ramp up the numbers.

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