Innovation for all

The September meeting of the MBF discussed the topic of innovation in businesses and in our working life.  Innovation is not just the development and introduction of new products and services, the R&D function, that we most often think of when innovation is mentioned.  True innovation is finding new ways of doing any and every part of our work life and every activity of our business.

So innovation can take place in how we organise our day, how we prioritise our tasks, the way we answer the phone or emails, our processes for customer services, our hiring of staff, our supply chain, our sales channels, our marketing messages, our partnerships and many other areas.

To be able to innovate you must be willing to take risks – but in most cases it is not necessary to “bet the farm” when many innovations can be tested out in a small way e.g. you can test a new process with a few internal people or a few customers. ¬†Innovation also requires you to make the time to create, test and put into practice new ideas, whether they be ideas to solve “red flag” issues or “blue sky” thinking to generate more sales.

The handouts used in the September meeting, which stimulate thinking on innovation, can be downloaded from the links on the meetings page of this website.

You can also find inspirational and detailed advice on innovation from Mark Brown, a past member of MBF and advisor on innovation to many leading companies.

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