Getting better

Despite the gloomy economic news in the papers and on TV, the general feeling at the Mayfield Business Forum meeting held on Tuesday 5th March was that business was getting better.  But this has to be taken in context.  It is not that conditions are brilliant, but after a few years of recession then bumping along with minimal growth (positive or negative), people seem to have accepted the current level of activity.

They may not expect much positive growth in the overall economy but things are not falling apart either.  So they are getting on with doing the best for themselves and their businesses.  Budgets may be tight but they exist and companies and consumers want to get the best value for their money.

So it was a good time to discuss retaining and developing customers.  Knowing your customers gives you insight into when they are planning to invest or look for products and services.

It was difficult to capture all the good thoughts as the discussion flowed freely – you had to be there to take it all in.  But you can find a few useful notes by downloading Customer Retention & Development

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