Future discussion topics

Image showing a notebook with a note made about the MBF meeting in May on Social MediaThank you to everyone who answered the survey on future discussion topics. It was a close run poll but the four most popular topics turned out to be:

  1. “Social Media for those with limited time and money”
  2. “Keeping your business fresh by innovating”
  3. “Motivation for small businesses and those working on their own”
  4. “How to promote your business”

and so these will be our subjects for discussion in May, July, September and November respectively – see the MBF Meetings page of this website for the exact dates of each discussion.  We may well be able to use some of the other suggestions that nearly made the top four next year.

May’s meeting will look at how or whether most of us, who are already busy at work and have to be very careful how we budget, should be using tools like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, blogs, etc.  With so many different tools available and new ones like Pinterest that keep popping up as “flavour of the month”, which should we be focusing on since it requires a great deal of effort to keep up with all the major ones?  A number of us have experience in different applications and can share what works depending on whether you are selling to consumers or other businesses and also on whether you sell goods, services or expertise.

In July, “Keeping your business fresh by innovating” will look at all the different ways that businesses can innovate.  People often think that innovation just means launching a new product or service but innovation can take place in every aspect from admin to sales.  Since most of us work on our own or in a small business,  the most important form of innovation may be in the way we work, so that we keep ourselves fresh … which may lead nicely into September’s discussion topic.


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