Fed up with Windows – Try Ubuntu!

If, like me, you got along with Mr. Gates’s offering called XP and are wondering where to go to next, can I suggest Ubuntu? You probably have XP, or worse still Vista, and even contemplated Windows 7… But all seem to need a bigger more powerful computer to runĀ  it.

I have used various alternatives of operating systems like Linux, and now tend to work with Apple Macs, but what if you just want to get back your old p.c. as a useable alternative to Windows? Linux in the past has been a bit ‘techie’ but you’ll find Ubuntu completely different..

I’ve just set up an old p.c. which is running XP Professional, (why home user’s go for Professional – I don’t know, the ‘home’ version is perfect), anyway it only has 500MBytes of ram, and to run a newer version of Windows would need a lot more ram. So I thought I’ll use a ‘download installer’ version of Ubuntu, which will install and leave your existing Windows system alone. This makes your p.c. ‘dual boot’; when it starts you choose whether you want ‘Windows’ or ‘Ubuntu’. Mark my words; very soon you’ll select ‘Ubuntu’ as default!

Ubuntu gives you all you need for a home or small business computer, it’s fast and intuitive, comes with an Office Suite, and you can even look back into your Windows folders like ‘My Documents’ and copy it all across or use it from there.

So what is it offering, well firstly it’s free! Secondly you can connect to the Internet and download and install it with one ‘click’ without upsetting your existing operating system, and it features everything you want a computer to do.
Amazingly I can also hook up my IPhone and it will recognise, and use, all my Itunes, Iphotos, libraries, videos and easily transfer files using the File Pro app in the Iphone. I even managed to install Flash player into my Web Browser (Firefox) with one click (on previous other versions of Linux this has been a bit of a fiddle). This was just one package from the whole host of free software applications that Ubuntu offer.

So if you want to give Ubuntu a try follow this link;

You won’t look back and you’ll save the cost of a new operating system and probably a new computer!



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