Christmas drinks and meal

It is already that time of year when we should start planning for the MBF Christmas get together.  Don’t panic – there are still plenty of working days before the end of the year for everyone to make an impact and achieve their goals.  But we want to plan ahead to make sure we plan our event to suit as many people’s wishes as we can and to be better than ever.

Unless there are any violent objections we will hold it, as usual, on the first Tuesday of December, the 3rd.  B but we should we change the format?  There has been a suggestion to have a buffet so that people can mingle and talk to more people during the meal.  What do you think?

[important]Please let us have your ideas about the meal and also let us know as soon as possible if you plan to come and if you plan to bring anyone.  Where we hold the evening may depend on how many people are coming.[/important]

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