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Jan 29

Good progress on faster broadband

East Sussex County Council today announced significant progress on upgrading broadband to provide faster speeds for Mayfield and a number of other local villages with over 600m of fibre now laid on the new “spine” running between Mayfield and Heathfield. We should also be seeing some new green street cabinets being erected. Completion is now estimated …

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Jan 20

Mayfield Mayfair 2014

The Mayfield Mayfair in 2014 will be held on Saturday 10th May from 1pm to 4pm in Court Meadow.  This year the idea is to emphasise a traditional “Country Fayre” theme. This is one of the annual events that helps give the village its character and which brings together so many of the inhabitants of …

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Dec 30

Mayfield Post Office

I have written on behalf of the MBF to Post Office Ltd asking them to speed up the process of installing a new sub-postmaster or sub-postmistress and re-opening Mayfield Post Office as soon as possible..  You can see a copy of my letter here. The process is expected to take a few months and while it …

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Dec 17

Mayfield to get faster broadband

The good news is that Mayfield will get a faster broadband service next year (2014) with the announcement that it is once of the first exchanges in Sussex to be selected for fibre-connection. It is likely that is will be the autumn before the effects will be noted and we are still waiting for details …

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Dec 11

Safe online shopping for Christmas

Image of stop sign

I have just read a very good article about the tricks being used by conmen (and conwomen maybe) to steal information or money from us while we are shopping online. Some of the tricks are old ones but there are new variants so it is worth reading the through the list of The Twelve Cyber-Scams of …

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Jul 21

Staying Safe Online

We were lucky to have two experts at our July meeting to help us understand the main issues involved in “Staying Safe Online” and to provide advice and tips.  Our thanks go to Chris Stevenson and John Gaunt, both of whose jobs involve helping individuals and companies with their IT, including security issues. Chris had …

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May 01

Newsletter from Clearwater Safety Solutions

Good to see MBF member, Clearwater Safety Solutions, producing a newsletter to explain the benefits they offer to their clients and how many local businesses can take advantage of their services. So if you have any worries about health and safety, especially if you do not know the legal requirements for your business, click here to …

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Dec 07

The 12 Frauds of Christmas

On a sober note for this festive season remember that despite, or even because, it is nearly Christmas we need to stay alert to protect our personal information and money. Frauds are taking new forms, such as phoney e-cards that contain viruses or threats to financial transactions carried out on mobile phones. The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau …

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Jun 07

Promotion from print to SoLoMo

Image of mobile phone on top of map

SoLoMo is a horrible new acronym, but we will probably become used to it as we have with many new terms considered ugly to begin with.  It stands for SOcial LOcal MObile and highlights three areas of marketing that are becoming more and more important. Social media has been in the spotlight for a while …

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Apr 13

Future discussion topics

Image showing a notebook with a note made about the MBF meeting in May on Social Media

Thank you to everyone who answered the survey on future discussion topics. It was a close run poll but the four most popular topics turned out to be: “Social Media for those with limited time and money” “Keeping your business fresh by innovating” “Motivation for small businesses and those working on their own” “How to …

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