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Jan 14

Practical planning

See below to download tools for your own practical planning   At our meeting on 7th January 2014 we went through two planning exercises to help us create and refine            – clear and precise goals            – realistic and thought out action plans to achieve these …

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Dec 04

What next?

Image of a candle

During its lifetime, the forum has brought together and supported more than 50 people, and helped create a number of business opportunities where members have been able to use each other’s services. The discussions have been helpful in allowing attendees to share concerns, issues, advice and good ideas on a wide range of business topics. …

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Nov 26

Time Management

Probably most of what we shared and agreed at our November meeting was not news to us but it was certainly worth reminding ourselves: to put non-important tasks at the bottom of the pile even if they are urgent – they are probably urgent for someone else, not for us and we need to have …

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Sep 18

Christmas drinks and meal

It is already that time of year when we should start planning for the MBF Christmas get together.  Don’t panic – there are still plenty of working days before the end of the year for everyone to make an impact and achieve their goals.  But we want to plan ahead to make sure we plan …

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May 01

Newsletter from Clearwater Safety Solutions

Good to see MBF member, Clearwater Safety Solutions, producing a newsletter to explain the benefits they offer to their clients and how many local businesses can take advantage of their services. So if you have any worries about health and safety, especially if you do not know the legal requirements for your business, click here to …

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Apr 22

Survey about online communities and forums

Do you use online communities and forums? If you do, particularly if you use them for leisure activities, would you be willing to spend 5 minutes answering a short survey to help Mayfield Business Group with their research and development for a new business? The survey can be found here: Thank you for any …

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Apr 16

Use LinkedIn well and avoid mistakes

Thanks to MBF member David Wilson for sharing this article with us: It talks about the errors you can make in using LinkedIn but the key pieces of advice are true whatever type of networking you do, online or meeting people face to face: make it a continual activity – don’t just turn to …

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Mar 12

Getting better

Despite the gloomy economic news in the papers and on TV, the general feeling at the Mayfield Business Forum meeting held on Tuesday 5th March was that business was getting better.  But this has to be taken in context.  It is not that conditions are brilliant, but after a few years of recession then bumping …

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Jan 15

Plans for 2013

At our Mayfield Business Forum meeting held on Tuesday 7th January 2013, we discussed “Plans for 2013” and how we could make them realistic and monitor our progress towards achieving them. Some very good points were raised Write down your goals.  Setting them down on paper (or in electronic format) makes them more concrete in …

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Dec 19

2013 discussion topics – Cash Basis Accounting

Hello all, Although I did attend a couple of MBF meetings, for the most part I have been a quiet observer in this group. I would like to suggest a discussion topic for 2013, or at least provide some “food for thoughts”. I think that some of you might be interested, and I would love …

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