Business Scam

Here is a report from a business in Crowborough on a scam that is affecting local businesses. It reminds us all to be aware of what information we provide to cold callers:

“I thought that you might like to make members of the Local Business Network aware of a suspected telephone scam which has been attempted on us over the past two days.

Yesterday someone called Lee telephoned claiming to be from the National Business Census wanting to clarify our business information. My response was to ask him for what purpose he wanted this information to which he promptly hung up.

Today I got another call. This time a different voice who did not give his name. Again he claimed to be from the National Business Census. This time I got a bit more out of him. He claimed that he was working on behalf of the government compiling a list of small/medium sized businesses to prevent them getting unwanted advertising calls. When I told him that I was not going to divulge any information without firstly doing some background checks he offered for me to check their website and proceeded to spell out before laughing and hanging up.

I have no idea what information they would have asked for but I suggest everyone is extremely cautious over this type of call. Needless to say the caller withheld their number.”

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