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Pension freedom but what about tax?

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The pension reforms of April 2015 allow much more freedom for people in the way they can access their pension savings.  It is well worth understanding the options, their tax implications and the possibilities for inheritance planning. The MBF was lucky to have our member Clyde Young to explain the different options to us at our November meeting.  …

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Beware of committing to deals on the phone

At our May 2015 meeting, Gary Kendall, one of our members took us through some of the recent mis-selling scandals involving the major banks, in particular some that affected small and medium businesses (SMEs). The mis-selling that is shown in the video below involves selling a swap alongside a loan.  This fixes an interest rate (in the bank’s …

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Funding for apprenticeship training

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The government is providing funding to spend on delivering Apprenticeships in the work place for free. The funding can be used To train existing staff as part of your CPD commitment to them; To recruit new members of staff as Apprentices The qualifications are free of charge to both the employer and the candidate/member of staff …

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Business mistakes not to make

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There were plenty of heartfelt tales at the March 2015 Mayfield Business Forum meeting as we discussed business mistakes and how to avoid them.  People talked of those whom they had trusted and who had let them down, of customers who had convincing excuses for not paying resulting in large debts that had to be …

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The experiment

Photo of calendar highlighting Wednesday 4th March 2015

UPDATE 27 Feb : Gary Kendall is now unfortunately away on business so we will instead have a discussion on “Common Mistakes that Business Owners Make – and How to Avoid Them” and Gary will talk at our May meeting Our next MBF meeting is going to be on Wednesday 4th March – the first …

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Renewable Energy for Mayfield

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If you are interested in the idea of renewable energy or of having more control of our own energy resources (and pricing) come along to a meeting on Saturday 24th January at The Memorial Hall at 2pm. Transition Mayfield is considering the possibility of a renewable energy project and is seeking to establish whether there …

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The 7 Habits of Successful Mayfield Business People

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  The 12 of us who attended the MBF meeting on 6th January 2015 shared ideas on good habits that we use to help us be more efficient in our business life. Forming the right habits enables us to prioritise important work, tackle difficult issues and motivate ourselves to achieve more – and can make …

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Survey on MBF dates

UPDATE 2nd Feb 2015 The survey has now closed and we are analysing the results.  We will let everyone know the outcome very soon.  Watch out for a post with the results. A number of people have said they are interested in attending MBF meetings but cannot make the current time and dates (first Tuesday …

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Tax saving tips

A big thank you to Ray Reeve (Add Value Accountants), Gavin Ross (Ross Management Accountancy) and Chris Lilly (management and business guru) for preparing material which was discussed at our meeting on 4 November. A whole range of tax-efficient measures were discussed ranging from the simplest (such as making sure you note all your expenses) to the …

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Building up Burnetts in the High Street

Photo of Burnetts Estate Agency in the High Street Mayfield

We were very grateful to Andrew Burnett for speaking at our meeting on 2nd September 2014 and answering questions in the discussion that followed.  He told us about how he learnt the business of being an estate agent working in another agency and then took over the branch in the High Street to create his …

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