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An experienced I.T. network/computer engineer with over.... more years than I care to mention... Over the past decade I've promoted local businesses and community to make as much use as possible of new technologies... Once, not so long ago, the telephone and fax machine were new technology. To stay in shape, and not let the world leave us behind, we all need to make use of things that at first seem a little bewildering -but we all mastered the video recorder... eventually. I offer solutions to Small and Medium Business.. The starting point is creating your own web - presence for your business.

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Oct 13

Wealden Expo – Thank you for your Support

Well! What a day! Wealden Business Expo was a sell out! And the whole day was buzzing from start to finish… So thank you MBG for coming along – particularly, Chris, Gerry, Ian, and anyone I’ve missed, I hope you got some measure out of it, particularly the advice sessions. It’s taken me this long, …

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Jul 08

Don’t hide it under the bed! And other things…

I briefly attended the last meeting of the forum, and had to leave part way through an interesting conversation discussing how you look after your data, emails and printing. It is still perceived that the best way to store something is put it on paper or disk and hide it. The more reliable way is …

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Jun 24

Green Batteries – A cautionary tale

Recently – well last year, I bought some of these new batteries, rechargeable yet will retain their charge for about a year if not used… Where as the older Nickel Cadmium ones will go flat in less than 30 days… Perfect! A Green battery that last as long as an ordinary battery… BUT watch out! …

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Jun 22

Fed up with Windows – Try Ubuntu!

If, like me, you got along with Mr. Gates’s offering called XP and are wondering where to go to next, can I suggest Ubuntu? You probably have XP, or worse still Vista, and even contemplated Windows 7… But all seem to need a bigger more powerful computer to run  it. I have used various alternatives …

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Apr 06

Creating an Ecommerce website

A short while ago I attended my first meeting of the Mayfield Business Forum (1st March 2011). At that meeting two people from Comtec, presented an excellent article on ecommerce, which for the average business may have seemed bewildering. Tom Blackden from Comtec, also provided a very compact article explaining a lot of  the ‘ins …

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Mar 28

Making use of your phone…

Like many of us I have a home phone line and a mobile.  I also run a business from home. The question is how do you distinguish between business and personal calls, particularly if you’ve got this line being used by the whole family. You could just give out your mobile number, this then identifies …

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Mar 03

Thank You to MBF

Thank you for allowing me to come along to your meeting on 1st March. The mix, format and upbeat enthusiasm was tremendous. Is it always like that? If so I’d be very happy to be considered as a member and attend each month. I live in Heathfield, and have several connections with organisations there, which …

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